Premium CBD Starter Kit

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Product Overview

Clear Sport Premium CBD Combo Pack

Includes all essentials for a regimen.  Includes 60 count 25 mg Gel Caps, 600mg Lavender and Calendula Recovery Balm and 1000mg Tincture.  Create a base of CBD with Gel Cap use daily.  Utilize Balm for pin point application.  Supplement with tincture as needed.  Save 10% versus buying individually.


Clear Sport CBD Soft Gel Caps uses only the highest quality hemp products sourced only in North America.  THC Free without preservatives or additives.   

Gel Caps deliver a precise dose, quick to take and travel easily.  A great option for those on the go. 

Clear Sport Tincture is made of only the highest quality hemp materials grown in North America.   A THC Free product without preservatives with natural cinnamon. 

A highly bioavailable product for sublingual use.  

Clear Sport Lavender and Calendula Balm is clean proprietary botanical blend without the addition of any unnecessary or masking substances.  All natural with using the highest quality hemp products grown in the North America.  A pure compound with olive oil, coconut oil and bees wax that is THC Free. 

Balm is easily applied to muscles or joints for precise application where needed. 

All our products are fully tested by independent lab to ensure quality and purity.  Proudly made in an FDA registered facility in Michigan. 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review