Clear Sport was founded to support athletes and those with active lifestyles with natural products to enhance health and wellness. With the health and well-being of athletes in mind, our goal is to bring a clean product, as our name states “Clear” of substances that would cause concern to athlete testing. We have worked hard to eliminate any unnecessary additives or products in our materials, creating simple and effective blends.


     Each of our products are a proprietary blend using the highest quality natural ingredients.  Independently lab tested so we can guarantee the quality and purity of each product. We have partnered with a Michigan based FDA registered manufacturer for all of our compounds with over 50 years in the supplements industry.


     We are launching a line of Hemp Extract products that keeps our mission in line with the product offering. The highest quality North American sourced Hemp extract.  All of our products are independently tested to insure non-detectable levels of THC.



     *while Hemp Extract has been cleared for use by most major organizations including WADA, USADA and CADA; please make sure to verify the requirements of the governing body of your sport.